Our goal is to build quality customer relationships through our friendly service delivered by professional workmen. For our customers we offer expert solutions and high quality products along with superb installations. Last and foremost, any job we undertake is not complete until the customer is satisfied.

Geo Contractors,LLC is a premier Houston, TX air conditioning and heating specialist, and we adhere to standards that set us apart from other Houston air conditioning and heating companies. Very few, can match the wide variety of quality products, outstanding service and depth of experience our team brings to the HVAC industry.

Geo Contractors,LLC offer you seasoned professionals who have the technical expertise to service, repair, maintain and install all types and brands of residential and commercial cooling & heating systems.

The technicians and comfort specialists who come to your home are factory trained, experienced, licensed and fully insured. We are a family owned and operated AC contractor with a hard-earned reputation for quality service and installation for over 10 years.

  • We install and maintain many types of Heating systems for all of residential and comercial needs

  • We'll respond quickly with the experience and expertise to repair your AC unit fast.


GEO CONTRACTORS,LLC repairs and replaces all types of residential and commercial air conditioning systems to provide a comfortable, healthy environment. Our technicians are trained and certified in professional air conditioning repair, installation of Bryant and Trane, and maintenance on all brands, makes, and models.


    Complete air conditioning and heating company serving Houston, TX, and the surrounding área. We strive to provide quick, honest, and dependable services so that you remain comfortable in your home regardless of the weather.


    A certified HVAC repair technician can evaluate the performance of your existing unit and provide recommendations for repair or replacement.


    A tune-up is an important part of any maintenance procedure. It keeps your air conditioner from unexpectedly breaking down and ensures you remain comfortable when outside temperatures start to climb.


    Commercial service requires a different level of expertise than servicing residential heating and cooling systems. Commercial heating and cooling equipment is much larger, handling more intense use and heavier heating and cooling loads than residential equipment. Commercial heating and cooling equipment tends to be more complex in setup as well, ranging from single zone to multiple zone systems depending on the setting in order to meet the unique demands of your business type.


    Geo Contractors,LLC offer you seasoned professionals who have the technical expertise to service, repair, maintain and install all types and brands of residential cooling & heating systems.



    Ducted systems are also the most flexible choice of air conditioning as they can be customised to suit your own specific requirements. What this means is that they can be separated into zones’ which allows you to change the temperature in the room that you are in without it effecting the air conditioning in other areas of your home. Perfect for families who can never agree on what is and isn’t too hot or cold!

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